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Worker employed by Mr. Nandana Lokuwithana at CSCL

As a nation, we gloat on our agro-based colonial economic heritage: tea, rubber, coconut, and to a lesser extent on our traditional crops; spices and cereal. Then in the late fifties, that far-sighted statesman, SWRD Bandaranaike, pontified the necessity of augmenting industrialization along with agriculture for inclusive growth of the country. Blueprints were drawn for corporations and institutions to spearhead the industrial revolution, and then the unfortunate happened—his untimely death. 

Luckily for the nation, we had Madam Bandaranaike to take on the baton and fulfil his dreams; petroleum, textile, sugar, cement, ceramic, tyre, steel and many more state enterprises were commissioned. They all flourished in their early days, particularly when donor countries of the respective enterprises had a say in the management. When their contracts ceased, gradually and with certitude, one by one, the corporations crumbled in their performance, productivity and profitability towards an inevitable end –cessation of operations. Excepting a few that had the good fortune to be bought over by the private sector.

Ceylon Steel Corporation Limited, headquartered at Oruwala, Athurugiriya, was one such state-owned enterprise that was redeemed from the dumps to delivering what is expected today of the enterprise: Quality steel solutions in a booming infrastructure development industry of the nation.

Worker employed by Mr. Nandana Lokuwithana at CSCL


The persona behind the will and vision of this enterprise is none other than the business magnate of world repute– Mr. Nandana Lokuwithana, the owner and Chairman of Ceylon Steel Corporation Limited and its flagship brand –LANWA Sanstha Wane.

Since taking over the pioneering steel giant in 2009, Mr. Lokuwithana has infused US$ 65 million in resurrecting, renovating, refurbishing and revamping the steel plant at Oruwala, Athurugiriya with state-of-the-art-technology and technical know-how that meets world standards.

Once a slumbering hamlet, Athurugiriya today is a bustling township. The catalyst for that change is the steel plant, providing jobs to the community, and in indirect ways stimulating and supporting the locals in and around the area with opportunities for housing, boarding, eateries and restaurants; and, of course, the organic growth in all of it. Now, as never before, the task becomes ever so relevant, for the steel giant to make the environment in which it operates livable—not just for humans, but for all life forms. Little wonder then that Ceylon Steel Corporation Limited was one of the first to follow the stringent environmental safeguards as set out in ISO 14001:2015.

Elaborating further the Chairman Lokuwithana explained how the areas around the factory would also begin to develop as more and more workers continue to enter the area for employment.


“This will eventually result in better infrastructure and transportation facilities in the area and can even go as far as improving its real estate prices; all of which would benefit the surrounding communities. In my establishments, our tech-savvy youth have all the wherewithal to be exposed to modern technology. Their education, skills, talents and experience now need not fly to overseas destinations to seek greener pastures. My investment in value-added workspaces gives the nation's gifted sons and daughters the opportunity to work in their motherland with technology that is world-class.”          


"Our success is built on the sagacity and strategy; sweat and toil of every single employee; from the lowest to the highest positions. They are the blood that courses the veins of success; performing at times in arduous and challenging situations, and what better way to reward their hard work than to value add their each and every performance," states Chairman Nandana Lokuwithana; as he was pragmatic in mobilizing his entire workforce to be drivers of the company, not just for the success of the corporate body, but for the success of the individual achiever as well.

For the employer, a beneficial reason to serve one's motherland, and be blessed in return. Mr. Lokuwithana’s benevolence and unstinting nature led him to become the humanitarian he is today; which is why he chooses to be philanthropic as opposed to egocentric; once again raising the bar, encouraging other local businesses and entrepreneurs to follow suit.