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hot dipped galvanizing

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Anti Corrosion Protection
With Maintenance Free Long Service Life.

Hot Dipped Galvanizing is fast becoming the industrial method for protecting cast iron fabrications and steel structural elements from corrosion, cost effectively. It affords better protection than brush or spray painting or enameling or even powder coating because, even when the coating is scratched, the substrate gets protected by the presence of Zinc. Maintenance free long service life is another reason for its cost effectiveness.

At Lanwa, we have the largest Hot …Dipped Galvanizing bath, 13 meters in length, that is System Certified to comply with BS EW ISO 1461:2009 and SLS 829 standards.
Besides, the plant has the professional capacity and the technical workforce to undertake any structural profile or fabrication of any size, shape in any quantity and deliver the galvanized finished product, on time.With our very flexible terms we even provide our clients the service of customizing the micron thickness of the galvanizing to their specific requirements.

From Nuts and Bolts to Street Railings; from Bars and Beams to Steel Trusses: they all get the Anti Corrosion Protection that is cost, time, and money saving, from Sri Lanka’s largest Hot Dipped Galvanizing Bath at Lanwa.

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