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Why go for Walls?
When Sleek Reinforced Panels Can Perform Better!

Light reinforced concrete fixtures are the norm in prudent material use in architectural designs of today. And Lanwa GI Mesh has become the preferred solution when structural elements need to be free of bulk, look graceful, at the same time, without compromising strength of the element.

There is yet another aspect to why light weight paneling, using Lanwa GI Mesh, is gaining popularity in the industry… cost effectiveness, as compared to building conventional walls.
This galvanized mesh is yet another high quality product manufactured at Lanwa’s Wire Mill Factory at Oruwala, Athurugiriya. The mesh can be customized to the desired specifications of the structural design. Varying the spacing of the longitudinal and the cross wires, their sectional diameters and the length and width of the mesh … all these are possible to give you the optimal requirement for the job at hand.


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