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For The Uma Oya Tunnel Project

Lanwa BRC Mesh has a wide range of reinforced applications, for the household as well as the heavy industry sectors, such as, tunnel wall linings, retainer walls, irrigation canals, river banks, wastewater drainage, factory, hospital and hotel floors etc…

Its heightened usage in recent times is because of its cost effectiveness: Time, labour and money saving. But mostly, Lanwa BRC’s popularity is because of its overall strength and the strength of the welded intersections.
Conforming to industry standards, every Lanwa BRC Mesh is made from 6mm annealed wires and the welded bond at intersections has a Shear Strength of 80% of the Yield Strength of the mesh, which is 540 Mpa, manually fabricated mesh has a strength of only 300Mpa.

As Sri Lanka’s Largest producer of BRC Mesh, Lanwa not only produces the standard 8’X8’ mesh, but can customize the mesh length, square size and the wire diameter as directed by the structural design.


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